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Bayfront Levee Improvement Project


Bayfront Levee Improvement Project

Biggs Cardosa provided structural engineering for the Bayfront Levee Improvement project, located between San Mateo and Foster City.  The project included the construction of flood control improvements for San Mateo Creek, Seal Point Park, Seal Slough and J Hart Clinton Drive.  To protect the local homes from floods and rising insurance premiums, flood control improvements were identified where the ground elevation fell short of the 100-year flood. A combination of raised levees, floodwalls, and barrier walls on existing pedestrian bridges were utilized. At the San Mateo Creek location over 740 feet of improvements were constructed, including four floodwalls and one barrier wall on an existing bridge. Adjacent to J. Hart Clinton Drive, over 900 feet of floodwalls were constructed over the existing levee fills along the San Francisco Bay. At Seal Slough, 430 feet of floodwalls and slurry cut-off-walls were constructed.


San Mateo, CA

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