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Civic Center Parking Garage


Civic Center Parking Garage

The existing 5-level, 550,000 sf Civic Center Parking Garage is across Hedding Street from the County Hall of Justice in San Jose, and provides parking for the public and County staff. The parking garage was constructed in 1991, and in 2007 the County began work on a rehabilitation program for the structure. Biggs Cardosa provided both surveying and inspection services for the rehabilitation and construction team. The surveying work involved performing a series of bi-weekly measurements of the post-tensioned beam deflections. The purpose was to determine if the beams were experiencing consecutive increasing downward deflections, which is indicative of post-tensioning strand failure. The inspection work involved special inspection and materials testing for post-tensioning strand placement and stressing, epoxy coating, grouting of the anchorages and concrete placement.

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San Jose, CA

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