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Pier G Berth C230 Development


Pier G Berth C230 Development Project

The wharf at Berth G230 will extend the berthing length of Pier G by approximately 477 feet which will allow two 12,000 TEU vessels and one 10,000 TEU vessel to be berthed along Berths G230, G232, G234 and G236 simultaneously. Biggs Cardosa has completed 100% design plans and specifications for the proposed wharf at Berth G230. The G230 wharf has been designed in accordance to the “Port of Long Beach Wharf Design Criteria” Version 2.0. The wharf, fill and backland operations at Berth G230 have been designed and staged so that existing wharves at Berths G232 and G236 shall remain fully operational, actively loading and unloading container vessels during the construction of the wharf at G230.

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