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Napa County Bridge and Culvert Emergency Inspections/Assessments

Biggs Cardosa was contracted by the County of Napa under the County’s On-Call contract with Biggs Cardosa to assess the seismic damage to County-maintained culverts, bridges and associated walls caused by the earthquake that occurred on August 24, 2014.  Four teams, each consisting of two structural-engineer/field-inspectors, evaluated 188 culverts and 70 bridges over the course of four days.In addition to the structural inspection screening of the County’s structures, BCA performed structural assessment, preliminary engineering and cost estimation to determine the required repairs and the total associated project costs of the 44 structures that had sustained damage from the earthquake. Biggs Cardosa also assisted the County with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA) coordination under the California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) program including performing preliminary design and follow-up office and field meetings to review our findings and recommendations, and completing the required documentation and forms to program the needed FEMA / Cal EMA emergency funds for each of these 44 structures.

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