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Firestone Blvd Bridge over San Gabriel River


Firestone Blvd. Bridge Widening over San Gabriel River

Biggs Cardosa was selected as the prime consultant and structural engineer to design and perform construction management and inspection services for the replacement of a 239-foot long bridge. After completion of the design and during the first three months of construction, Biggs Cardosa provided Construction Support and Interim Construction Management & Inspection services to help the City meet the aggressive and constrained river-construction window.   The  Interim Construction Management & Inspection team was responsible for the development, implementation and execution of the construction management and quality assurance plan and protocols per FHWA funding requirements;  establishing a document filing system, performing construction meetings and video/photographic condition surveys, confirming the contractor's labor compliance interviews, reviewing the contractor's baseline schedule, coordinating 3rd party utility designs and stakeholder interests/requirements, reviewing and monitoring the contractor's SWPPP, establishing and performing the environmental mitigation and monitoring, performing the quality control survey activities, and performing geotechnical and structural bridge inspections.  Once the construction management and quality assurance plan and protocols had been established and the City retained a full-time Resident Engineer for the project,   Biggs Cardosa continued as the structures lead providing on-site structure representation inspection and construction support services including processing, reviewing, and responding to contractor submittals and RFIs.

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